Dr. Cyril Frank was internationally known and acclaimed for his visionary efforts to lead and champion the value of multidisciplinary clinical research and the application of this research to innovative solutions for clinical care and practices.

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The untimely passing of Dr. Frank in March of 2015 has initiated a desire to ensure that Dr. Frank’s legacy is recognized and continues to have an impact on the disciplines that were the passion of his academic and public service careers.

The goal of the lectureship is to promote the ideals of clinical research through engagement and exposure of the broad community in foundational matters close to Dr. Cy Frank's career. These include but are not limited to:

*  musculoskeletal health and research

*  innovations in health care modelling and delivery

*  the promotion of the enduring societal value of clinical research


Speaker Nomination

The nominee (speaker) of the public forum(s) will deliver lectures up to four (4) locations across Canada, one of which must be located in the Province of Alberta. Applications can be sent to mccaig@ucalgary.ca with subject line "Cy Frank Legacy Lectureship Nomination" no later than November 1, 2016.

Download fillable nomination form here.



We thank Alberta Innovates as well as the friends, family, and colleagues of Dr. Cy Frank who have contributed to the “Dr. Cy Frank Legacy Lectureship” endowment. We continue to welcome donations to ensure this lectureship can have national impact for years to come. Contributions to the lectureship can be made through: